Friday, January 25, 2013

Harold Washington College Professor's Exhibit

This week, my art history professor informed me that my school, Harold Washington College, was hosting an exhibit showcasing some of the art work of the professors in the school. I was very intrigued by this. I mean who knew that our professors, who teach us English and Law had these hidden talents? So before class on Thursday I ventured off onto the 11th floor where all of the art was on display, hoping to see some cool pieces and to talk to some of the artists about their work. Unfortunately, no one was around to talk to me about their work, but I was able to browse for a while, and I came away with a new perspective and appreciation for people and their hidden talents. I was grateful, as I'm sure were the professors, for this platform that they had to showcase their artistic visions so that we as an audience could benefit from it. Perhaps some were working artists, perhaps some were not. And that is what I found so fascinating about this exhibit. All of the art was intriguing in it's own way. One of the most intriguing works of art was a video entitled "Sequences of Light and Shadow" by Galina Shevchenko, which was a video animation. It was a a very surreal animation were the lights and outlines of bodies moved with these somewhat distorted sounds. It totally struck my fancy. Overall, it was an enlightening experience that I think everyone would get something out of.

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