Friday, January 25, 2013

"Body Language"

I was happy to walk into one of my favorite photography galleries last week to find unique portraits called "Body Language" by Marc Hauser. I was stunned by how big the prints were and curious about the subject. His series of portraits are different sizes with one reaching to about 50 inches on one side. The subject was placed in front of a simple back drop found in photography studios but displayed a very modern and colorful subject. His subject is men and women who are accenting their heavily tattooed bodies. I was very impressed by the details of each shot and the vibrant colors. I liked how he kept the shots simple, with no distracting elements taking away from the fascinating body art. I stared at each photograph for about ten minutes because of the sharp details in everyone's tattoos. I feel like the large format photographs were very effective because the viewer has the pleasure of seeing the details in the tattoos and their faces, giving almost a life-like feeling. I felt very connected to each person photographed and wanted to know more about them based of their personal choices in tattoos, hair style, and piercings. I love this subject matter because of how simple the photographs are as they devote the attention to the works of art on the body. I encourage all art fans to go see these big, beautiful photographs while you still can!

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