Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Statik's Urban Murals

Rahmaan Statik’s graffiti art window exhibition is hidden in the intersection between Adams and S. State St. Four murals in all, Statik depicts a combination of representational portraits, abstract graffiti style shapes and caricatures. By working primarily in an aerosol spray paint medium, Statik is able to capture the vibrancy and chaos of the urban setting that these murals so perfectly embody. As a whole, this collection comments on several different facets of American culture. For example, in one piece titled “Frankincense and Myrrh” which stands at 10x17ft and is painted using Spray paint and acrylic on canvas, Statik bombards the viewer by overwhelming them with images, which depict everything from a robot or a top hat to the female silhouette. As if the scale alone wasn’t enough to catch your eye! I couldn’t help but interpret this piece as a comment on the power of our consumerist society, the objectification of women and pop culture as a whole. Another piece, which I felt particularly drawn to, is titled “Loose Squares”. Also painted to a scale of 10x17ft, in “Loose Squares” Statik challenges the viewer by surrounding the scattered, realistic objects with an abstract solid red frame. This dichotomy creates tension as the piece transforms itself into a complicated mural with layered geometric shapes. Ultimately I felt that Statik was successful in conveying urban graffiti from a contemporary, political voice while simultaneously creating aesthetically exciting works of art.

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