Thursday, February 21, 2013

16th Annual Winter Bike Art Show

I encountered Galerie F in passing and promised myself to come back to check out the eclectic feel it gave from the outside. There is quite a bit of open floor and wall space to view the the newest show opening this Friday. My eye first went to the bike wheel display in the middle of the gallery, but quickly bounced around to the pieces on the walls. Every piece in the show has its own unique style using all types of mediums. One of my favorite pieces is a shadow box with some trinkets relative or not to biking that form the shape of a wheel. I also came across decorated hanging helmets, photography, sketches, and paintings on objects. Each artist successfully portrayed biking in their work with a freedom of expression and perhaps some happy accidents. The freedom felt from the show reminded me of street art. Another favorite piece was a painting of a dinosaur on a bike. The bright colors and comical feel was really enjoyable and striking. 

I do not ride a bike in Chicago but I see dedicated bikers throughout the year treading through snow or enjoying a ride along the lake front on a warm sunny day. I know how big the biking community is in Chicago and encourage these artists to continue to put their love of biking into their art. I think all of the artists involved have created a brilliant and cohesive show.

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