Friday, November 2, 2012

1979:1–2012:21: Jan Tichy Works with the MOCP Collection

The Museum of Contemporary Photography is currently exhibiting the works from its extensive collection thanks to artist Jan Tichy, who organized and compiled the various works based on the characteristics and highlights of the collection. The museum commissioned the artist in an effort to map out its collection and create an accessible narrative in which to view the photographs in the exhibition. The exhibition includes digital, video and physical works that embody and define the Museum's catalogue of incredible works and also reflects an incredible history documented by the photographers.

According to the Museum of Contemporary Photography's website, "the exhibition 1979:1–2012:21 invites us to make unexpected connections, to consider individual photographs as well as the nature of the collection as archive in both its physical and digital forms—and to experience the wonder of the art object." (source

This exhibit allows the viewer to examine the Museum of Contemporary Photography's collection while contemplating ideas about photography itself as an art form and expression; revisiting the wonder and scope of the photographic art form.


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