Monday, October 1, 2012

Ellen Lanyon: The Persistence of Invention

Today was my first time visiting the Depaul Art Museum, I was very welcomed and enjoyed the small intimacy. I walked into the first room and my eye went to three very large, monochromatic paintings.

The exhibit up now is Ellen Lanyon: The Persistence of Invention (until November 18) presenting work from 1969-present.

 I found her work to be almost like a fairytale, which was very fun for me. Even though the trinkets she modeled from are older, there was a futuristic vibe in the details of her paintings. Her paintings are very clever as well, like she's creating a new idea for us to wonder about and how it fits together. I loved the movement, colors, and texture of each piece plus seeing the collection of trinkets and tools she developed these paintings from felt really personal and inviting to me as the viewer.

The Depaul Art Museum is located at 935 W Fullerton Ave and be sure to check out another great exhibit here Afterimage.

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