Friday, December 9, 2011

Voices From the Center at Three Walls

Hey guys!

This week, I took a trip to Three Walls in the West Loop. If you have not been there yet, make a point to go. They are a non-profit gallery that hosts six shows per year that include solo exhibits and group shows.

Their current exhibit is called Voices From the Center which is a group show that reflects on the lives of Eastern Europeans before and after the the destruction of the Berlin Wall and discusses issues such as immigration. With a mix of artists, testimonials, times lines and sketches, this show really covers multiple platforms and gives a well rounded view of the topic. There is so much to look at! Pictures and video are also included along with the opportunity to participate in the show. Paper, pencils, and wall space are offered for writing feelings and memories of the events of the Cold War.

With a mix of exhibit and viewer contribution, this show gets across multiple view points. As someone who did not experience this time in world history, or immigrate from Eastern Europe, it was nice to learn so much from this show. I really felt involved in the lives of the people that were interviewed or shown in images. Lifestyle was a central point to this exhibit, which was so well expressed that I felt like a part of their families.

Although I would not suggest this show to someone who only wants to quickly browse an exhibit, I certainly think almost anyone can learn something from this show. With so many stories told and objects to look at, this show is really an incredible experience.

For more information about the exhibit, please visit
Or, you can visit Three Walls' website at Their location is at 119 S. Peoria in Chicago, Il.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello from Chicago!

Hey there!
Alicia here reporting to you, hoping you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

While I've been enjoying my Thanksgiving break, tummy full and mind at ease, I've been still exploring the art world and discovering unique and interesting artists in the windy city of Chicago. One artist I've discovered recently while working at my current internship is Donte Mearon.

Chicago born and raised, Donte realized his love for art in grade school. Learning how to print in high school, he realized that's what he wanted to do. Printing on fabric was not only a hobby, but a passion. He continued throughout college. He was always a fan of fashion, and while attending Columbia College, he "watched what big designers were doing."

"I like designing for women, because there is natural flow to my style. I am a man and I really like designing what I want to wear! Most of the time other men want to wear it too." - Donte

Mearon categorizes himself as an "expressionist artist"...he designs with feeling and emotion.

I asked Donte what inspired him and he gave me a wonderful answer. The environment in which he lives inspires him to create his artwork... the style, vibe, people around him in which he lives. "Chicago is dope, but fashion and technology is moving so fast that it helps to get a head start by staying in the artist loop and seeing what is out there."
Something unique that he says he is inspired by, is his own senses. Feel, taste, smell etc.. He loves to tap into the "6th sense." Donte says he is not only driven by his visual senses but his "tasteful" senses too.

Donte Mearon's art stands out because it is unique to him and the for the customer. All the pieces he creates are one of a kind. I whole heartily agree with this. Every t-shirt, greeting card, or custom work that Donte creates is different and has a feeling about them that is unlike any other.

Below are some pieces that Donte has created and a link to his website! :) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What This Blog is All About...

The interns at Elephant Room Art Gallery bring you along on their artistic discoveries in and around the city! Their unique perspectives are important, as they are themselves future artists, curators and teachers moving around in a world of undiscovered artists.