Saturday, September 6, 2014

BLACK and WHITE--an achromatic exhibition at The Nevica Project featuring artists Richard Serra and Priscilla Mouritzen

Join friends, scholars, and collectors at The Nevica Project’s opening reception of Black and White—the achromatic inaugural exhibition of the remodeled space featuring globally collected artists Richard Serra and Priscilla Mouritzen. Serra’s colossal and towering textured etchings compliment the delicate pinched porcelain bowls of Mouritzen in a visual conversation on contrast, minimalism and the complexity of line.  Both artists explore the perception of visual weight, Priscilla’s patterned pots gleaming translucently against light and Serra’s etchings gracefully commanding the entirety of the gallery walls.  

Collector’s hour from 5-6 followed by an open reception from 6-9 on Thursday, September 11th at 3717 N. Ravenswood, Unit 115W, Chicago.  Works exhibited from Septempter 11th to October 7th 2014.  Other work available for viewing include artists Darrell Roberts, Tara Donovan, Cy Twombly, Peregrine Honig, Warren McKenzie, and Peter Voulkos.

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