Monday, September 17, 2012

Apocalypse 2012: Genisis 2013

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of seeing "Apocalypse 2012: Genisis 2013" before opening night on Friday September 14th. All of the artwork in this group exhibit is based on the artists portrayal of what they think might happen if there was a apocalypse and what this new world would be like. The image above is a 77" x 47" watercolor piece is by Kristina Knowski and the cover image for the exhibits flyers.

This group exhibit of 30 local and international artists kept me curious and amazed the whole time. I walked around about three times just to make sure I took in every detail. Each piece of art work was very detailed and intriguing to look at. I found it interesting to see the different ideas of what a new world would be like, and how it was interpreted through art.

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