Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Good Night Ladies

"The Good Night Ladies is a collective committed to empowering female artist by producing outstanding works by women in a variety of media."

The Good Night Ladies was formed by my good friend Eve Rydberg and Jessica Marks.  They just recently had an all female arts showcase called VAGINA.  It was an amazing show that I would recommend to anyone.  They also just premiered their short film titled "Sunday Morning".  The Good Night Ladies are in the process of putting together summer play readings.  They are also in the midst of putting together an all-out production within the year, as well as smaller gallery screenings, screenings and music events.

Through The Good Night Ladies, the women are hoping to encourage other women to create their own work and cultivate their own creative identities.

I would highly recommend checking out any and all events that these ladies are putting together.  You can get more info on The Good Night Ladies on the Facebook page here or you can check out the blog with a full list of past and upcoming events here.

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