Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The Winter Tiger"

         Today I visited the DePaul Art Museum. The gallery had just recently opened this past year and contains many interesting and unique pieces of work. One painting that particularly caught my attention was "The Winter Tiger" by Tony Fitzpatrick. Using graphite, ink, and pigment, Fitzpatrick was an underdog of art. His fierce and bold ways of storytelling makes him a visionary artist, poet, and performer. He gives a voice to the nameless.

"The Winter Tiger"
by Tony Fitzpatrick

            When asked why the moth was used as a symbolic statement in "The Winter Tiger" Fitzpatrick states, "I returned to making moths because they still speak to me in a way that sends ice through my veins..." 
            The moth is strategically placed in the middle and takes up most of the canvas. Inside we see skulls and a cross placed at the head. In the background, buildings are visible along with symbols relating to time. This includes a clock and the saying "Tick Tock". There is also, in the corner, the word "DRUGS". Is Fitzpatrick trying to tell us something about time and using it wisely? We can only imagine. Check out more of Tony Fitzpatrick's works at DePaul Art Museum or on his online site! 

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